Overcoming Charges Of Probation Violation

ProbationProbation can be a good outcome in your case when you have been charged with a crime — but only if you fulfill the requirements. When your probation officer says you have violated terms of your probation, your situation may become worse than it was originally. You could go to jail with another criminal charge, known as probation violation, to be penalized for.

Definitions of probation violations vary from case to case. Your prosecutor or judge may have sentenced you to take alcohol abuse or anger management classes. You may have been required to complete community service. You were surely expected to report to your probation officer regularly. Perhaps you were banned from driving, working with children or doing other specific things. Whatever you allegedly failed to do may have resulted in your probation violation charges. You need prompt, zealous and effective criminal defense.

Stay Out Of Jail — Get The Defense Counsel You Critically Need

If you've been charged with a probation violation, you're very likely facing jail time. To increase your chances of retaining your freedom, you need a qualified attorney to represent you.

A skilled criminal law attorney can raise issue with the state's grounds for revoking your probation, and secure a summary hearing. At the hearing, your attorney can represent and defend you before the court. Our Minnesota probation violation defense lawyers are ready to fight for the best outcome attainable for you.

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