Divorce Is Hard But Quality Legal Guidance Can Soften The Blows

content ImageFor most people, divorce is a difficult and stressful time. Along with the personal emotions inherent in such a dissolution, there are financial and legal issues to be dealt with as well.

Disappointment, anger, frustration and worry are natural responses to a marital breakdown. One's married or single status — and state of mind — can affect all areas of life. On the other hand, important financial decisions now will have an impact for years to come. Decisions affecting children will mold future family dynamics. Careful, deliberate planning is well worth the effort. Many people find a divorce lawyer's steadying role to be valuable during this time of uncertainty and change.

Dilemmas To Solve; Actions To Take

Who gets custody of the children? How will the assets and liabilities be divided? If a business is involved, what happens to it? What about spousal maintenance? These are vitally important matters and you deserve clear answers.

All cases are different, and the answers to the questions above will depend largely on the individual facts of your family law case. The division of marital property, and whether or not spousal maintenance is awarded, may be decisions made by the court if you and your spouse cannot come to a mutually acceptable agreement. Stepping back to think logically about the future is usually in the best interests of all concerned.

Choose Your Lawyer Carefully

Due to the emotional nature of divorce, and because of the far-reaching financial consequences of court decisions, it is imperative that you obtain the services of a competent family law attorney. At Patton, Hoversten & Berg, P.A., our family law attorneys are highly committed to the welfare of our clients.

We will work diligently to achieve the results you want. And, if necessary, we will fight aggressively to ensure that you obtain a fair settlement in court. For more information on a Minnesota divorce, reach out to an experienced family law attorney at Patton, Hoversten & Berg, P.A. today. Call our law offices in Waseca at 507-835-5240, in Owatonna at 507-451-9000, in Faribault at 507-332-7425 or in Janesville at 507-234-5106, or call 1-888-835-5244 toll-free. You may also complete our contact form to schedule a consultation.