Do Grandparents Have Rights In Child Custody Matters?

Obtaining visitation with or custody of a grandchild can be a difficult process without the consent of the child's parents. However, it is not impossible. You may even be able to petition for child support from inactive parents in some cases. Family circumstances vary greatly. A conversation with a caring, knowledgeable family law attorney can help you arrive at a plan of action to watch out for your grandchildren as they need care. When your grandchildren's well-being is at stake, it is worthwhile to seek legal counsel as you look for the best way to strengthen your ties and continue to nurture them as they grow.

Unique Situations May Allow Grandparents To Have Custody

Perhaps your child — the father or mother of your grandchild(ren) whom you care for or care about — is mentally ill, in prison, dependent on drugs or otherwise unfit to parent. If your child is deceased, perhaps the other parent is interfering with your grandparent-grandchild relationship. Perhaps you have stepped in for your grandchildren and so far, so good — but you need legal rights to be able to take those children to the doctor, enroll them in school and otherwise care for them properly. The other parent may or may not be an obstacle — but you need to know if the law is on your side.

How To Gain Custody Of Your Grandchildren

To petition for custody, you must be able to prove yourself as either a "de facto custodian" or an "interested third party." And, as in all child custody cases, the court must determine that placing the child in your care would be in the best interests of the child. You may be interested in adopting your grandchildren if the parents are out of the picture (deceased or unfit to parent). Whatever your goals, a lawyer who understands and listens is a valuable ally.

At Patton, Hoversten & Berg, P.A., we understand the emotional dilemmas such cases can carry. Attentive to your needs, our experienced family law attorneys will help establish the facts necessary to obtain the results you desire. We pledge to look out for your grandchildren's welfare while informing you of your legal options and guiding you through any legal processes that can solidify your family ties.

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