Syngenta vs. Minnesota Farmers

Copies of the fee agreement and letter of notice are available for download here and here.

Patton, Hoversten & Berg, P.A. is participating with a group of other law firms to pursue claims on behalf of Minnesota corn producers for the dramatic reduction of corn prices since 2012. The claim will be made for losses arising from the use of Syngenta GMO products and the adverse effect those products had on the U.S. corn market. PLEASE NOTE: Because of the nature of the proposed litigation, a claim can be made for farmers even though they are not now farming and even though they never used Syngenta products. The crop years currently in question are 2013 and 2014. Please note the dates of upcoming meetings that we encourage you to attend if you feel you have been affected. THERE IS NO COST OR OBLIGATION TO ATTEND THESE MEETINGS. Please feel free to bring along any other farmers who may be interested in this matter. If you are unable to attend these meetings and want information, please call any of our offices for an information packet and the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the claim at NO CHARGE. For interested parties, legal representation is being offered on a contingent fee basis. Persons making claims will incur NO expenses as they are advanced by the law firm on behalf of the parties. In the event there is no recovery, the parties owe NOTHING to the respective law firms. We believe this opportunity is something you should seriously consider. The first step is to learn more about it by attending one of the NO obligation meetings. Because we are seeking the opportunity to represent you in this matter, the Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct require that we tell you that this letter constitutes Advertising Material.

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