Nursing Home & Assisted Living Negligence and Abuse

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When you search for a nursing home or assisted living arrangement for your parent or relative, you invest a significant amount of time in finding the perfect one. You sift through a multitude of places to find a place that will care for those you love in the same manner you would.

If the place you labored to find injures the person you love through negligence or abuse, you are -- understandably -- shocked, angry, and hurt.

One of the best ways to insure that nursing home and assisted living negligence and abuse do not happen is to hold the facilities liable when injuries do occur.  You can be assured that, with a personal injury lawyer from our firm, your case will be handled with the utmost care, consideration, and diligence. Our experienced personal injury lawyers will work hard to win the results you deserve.

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FYI: While nursing homes are heavily regulated by both federal and state governments, assisted living facilities are virtually unregulated in Minnesota.  That is, in Minnesota, there are very few regulations as to the quality of care that an assisted living facility must provide or as to the services the facility must provide.  Minnesota’s regulatory scheme is based upon the notion that the prospective resident and the facility will enter into a contract that will govern the services to be provided.  Most people know what services they need with regard to activities of daily living (e.g., dressing, bathing, eating, etc.), and these are the areas that are normally covered by the contract.  But there are concerns that may not be covered by the contract.  For example, if the facility requires the residents to share bedrooms, bathrooms, or other common areas, it is necessary that the mix of residents in the facility be appropriate.  If a resident who has aggressive behavior problems is admitted to the facility without appropriate safeguards, all other residents are at risk of injury.  Because of the close contact with the aggressive resident that results from the forced sharing of certain common areas of the facility, there is a risk that another resident may be injured by the aggressive resident.

The only way to force assisted living facilities to act appropriately in admitting and serving residents is to bring lawsuits in those cases where the facility has been negligent.  The threat of liability will persuade the facilities to provide the best care, which is, of course, your goal when you place your loved one in such a facility.

The law requires that nursing home or assisted living negligence and abuse cases be commenced within a certain amount of time, or you lose your right to present any claim.  Don’t delay in contacting an experienced nursing home/assisted living negligence lawyer today.

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