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WASECA: 507-835-5240
OWATONNA: 507-451-9000
JANESVILLE: 507-234-5106
FARIBAULT: 507-332-7425

Family Law Matters For Your Family


Nothing matters more to you than your family and their welfare. In particular, your parent-child relationships are vulnerable in times of change. The law is there to help you in your quest to protect the bond with your son(s) or daughter(s) regardless of marital problems. The law is also there to help you accomplish a separation or divorce without resorting to fighting over assets.

The Importance Of Trustworthy Legal Counsel

An experienced family law attorney can help you put those laws to work for your family’s sake.

At Patton, Hoversten & Berg, P.A., we understand your need for a peaceful, fair resolution to your legal matters. Whether you’re dealing with a difficult legal problem like divorce or celebrating an adoption, our family law attorneys are here to provide thoughtful, compassionate counsel and assertive representation in the following areas:

  • Divorce (contested, uncontested or by joint petition for dissolution) and legal separation
  • Spousal maintenance during and after divorce
  • Custody and paternity matters
  • Adoption, including stepparent adoption
  • Grandparents’ rights and other special legal issues involving extended family members

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How Can We Help?

The family law attorneys at Patton, Hoversten & Berg, P.A. are here to help you pursue reasonable answers. We pledge to treat you with dignity and respect, while protecting your interests and assets and honoring your desires. To discuss your case today, please complete our online intake form or contact us in Waseca at 507-835-5240, in Owatonna at 507-451-9000, in Faribault at 507-332-7425 or in Janesville at 507-234-5106, or call 1-888-835-5244 toll-free.



For most people, divorce is a difficult and stressful time. Along with the personal emotions inherent in such a dissolution, there are financial and legal issues to be dealt with as well. Who gets custody of the children? How will the assets and…



Adopting a child is an emotionally gratifying experience. Whether you are seeking to unify your family by adopting a stepchild, or looking to expand it by adding a new member, adoption can build strong family bonds and serve as a testament to love.



Whether a child’s parents were married upon the child’s birth, and whether paternity has been acknowledged and established, are two key factors in determining child custody. If the parents were unmarried, the mother has an automatic right to sole…


Grandparents’ Rights

Obtaining visitation with or custody of a grandchild can be a difficult process without the consent of the child’s parents. To petition for custody, you must be able to prove yourself as either a “de facto custodian” or an “interested…


Child Support Lawyers

Typically, child support is set by the court. The parent who has primary physical custody of the child, meaning “the parent who provides the primary residence for a child and is responsible for the majority of day-to-day decisions concerning a child…